StIco is a program that demonstrates stereoscopic real-time animation. It's based on the X-Windows program Ico.

I originally wrote it for X-Windows, and then ported it to both the Amiga and Windows 3.x. At this stage I am only running Windows 7. My Amiga software works with the emulator (but requires the screenmode be only 8 bit), and the Windows version requires a minimum of 32-bit OS (StIco32.exe).

This was done as a learning exercise for me and is freely available. You can download the Windows version (above) and its help file (STICO.HLP). Sorry, but the help file doesn't work with versions of Windows later than XP. Supposedly MicroSoft provides a plug-in that lets it work with Windows 7, but I haven't gotten it that to work yet. However, one starts the animations by selecting an object from the Geometry menu. You can experiment with a variety of options from that menu, and it's suggested that you use "Other Palette" and "Reverse Video." StIcoV16.lha is the Amiga version. Note that if you don't already have it, you'll need AmigaGuide to properly read the help file (i.e. on the Amiga version of StIco.