My Interests

Since starting graduate school I've had a continuing interest in computers, and used them extensively in my graduate research. Since the acquisition of my first microcomputer (a TRS-80) in 1978, I've been attempting to use them to assist students in visualizing physics concepts that cannot be shown very effectively in a physics text. Computer animation and computer graphics have been an ongoing interest. Because of my interest in computer graphics, I purchased my first Amiga in 1985. For about the past 12 years I've been working with stereoscopic images generated by the computer. Although most of them have been generated in real-time(those using the anaglyph technique), some have required extensive amounts of computer time and saved as files to be later loaded in sequence from the computer.

Real-time stereoscopic simulations I've written only for the Amiga include a program showing Bravais crystal lattices. I've also written several programs with versions for both the Amiga and Microsoft Windows. One, which is freely available to anyone is StIco and the other shows electric fields and potentials.

Another related interest is orbital mechanics, and I've been working with the gravitational n-body problem (with n up to 10) for a number of years.

Just for fun, I have written a Mandelbrot generator.

Here are two mp4 files with side by side stereo MP4 pairs.