The program "Crystal_Lattices", written for the Amiga, displays any of the 14 Bravais lattices. It provides a variety of options including showing the primitive cell or non-primitive cell, and the translation vectors.

Although there are other options, the key feature is the ability to rotate and zoom the images in real time, so as to enhance the user's ability to visualize the crystal structure.

This is freeware and you can download Crystals.lha from here. If you haven't access to an Amiga, it will run under WinUAE on Linux OS, or can be run on an Amiga emulator for Windows (such as available from

A few sample images are given below.

You'll need red and blue 3D glasses to view them.

Both Primitive and Non-Primitive Cells Shown

Non-Primitive Cell and Translation Vectors Shown

Non-Primitive Cell and Translation Vectors Shown

If you don't have access to an Amiga, but are interested in having different lattices made available here, please leave e-mail to Just indicate which lattices and options you wish displayed.